Cannibath uses Canada Post to ship country wide.  We process orders and send out for shipping within 1 business day for the fastest turnaround possible.  Depending on your location, shipping usually takes 2-5 business days.

Canada Post is safe and your package should arrive untarnished.  We use the safest and best industry standard packaging to ensure your package arrives without a problem.

Your order number and tracking will be given as soon as processed.  Any issues with your packages please email


 Processing and Shipping Policy: We try to process orders within 1 business day, but if there are delays we will let you know as soon as we can. If you have ordered past our stock number, we have to make additional batches which may cause a delay.  You will be notified of such delay. The nature of these products may cause our batches to not turn out the way we want, which could further our delay.  This is rare, but could happen and you will be notified.  Cannibath is a not a huge corporation and our products are hand made. Shipping times can vary based on location in Canada. We only ship to Canada as of now.. I have the to right to change ship times should it be deemed necessary. Shipping, handling, humidity and temperature can affect the delivery condition of the bath bombs. We shrink wrap our bombs to allow the best possible outcome.  Appearance of the products does not affect the overall performance and therefore, Cannibath does not replace products that have cracks, dents or dust due to shipping.

Lost/Stolen Policy: if your package gets lost/stolen please contact the carrier and file report. Once your package has left our facility and onto that hands of the mail courier, we are not responsible to the condition you receive it. We do our best to package our products with protective wrapping, shredded recyclable paper, and proper boxing to avoid damage. Cannibath is not responsible for lost/ stolen packages and will not resend packages for lost or stolen orders.  Canada Post will provide a tracking number if your email was provided to us.  Canada Post will leave at your door if not home.  If they determine a safe place is not possible, they will hold at the office.

Damaged Products: Minor damage or imperfections such as cracking, slight crushing and small dents may occur during shipment/carrier travel. These minor issues only affect the aesthetic of the item and not the usability and therefore, they will not be eligible for an exchange. Major or severe damage will need to be reviewed in order to be considered eligible for replacement. You will need to submit a photograph of the product’s condition in the exact state it was in when it arrived within three days of the carrier confirmed delivery date. Leave the product inside the box and do not open or tamper with the packaging before photographing the damage. 

Return/ Exchange/Cancellation: Due to the nature of these products we do not accept refunds, or exchanges. We do not accept cancellation of orders. 

Additional notes: To get the very best out of your products use within 6 months of purchase. You can save them longer but please note oils may dry out after a long period of time and will be less fragranced.

Additional Notes: The products produced by Cannibath are handmade in small batches and there will be some discrepancies with the shade and intensity of color, details/decorations and strength as well as scent of fragrances used. We do our absolute best to create a consistent product. Bath bombs may or may not float based on ingredients and density.  Both produce the same results.. 

By purchasing from Cannibath, you agree to all stated policies.

Our Commitment To You

Cannibath goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality products. Our ingredients are locally sourced, vegan friendly, and ensured to be of the highest possible quality.  Our CBD isolate is lab tested to ensure perfect integrity and is certified to be THC free. Our payment process is simple, and we process and ship our orders within 1 business day.  We also  carefully package our ingredients ensuring you receive your amazing bath products safely, quickly and securely.

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